Factory2Fit and the Finnish National Agency for Education discuss the future of industrial work

Factory2Fit Coordinator Eija Kaasinen (VTT) met with the Processing and Manufacturing Industry Foresight Group of the Finnish National Agency for Education at Aalto University School of Chemical Technology today.

Interesting questions were raised and insightful thoughts were shared. The topics discussed included: How will industrial work change with Industry 4.0? The key challenge is not knowledge transfer but the identification of the knowledge that workers possess. Who is in charge in a self-organised team? What kinds of gamification approaches would be accepted by current and future workers? On the one hand, future work will require more and more concentration. On the other hand, it will include distracting elements that may impair concentration. Does everybody need to be ready for continuous learning and development?

Eija Kaasinen discussed changes in industrial work and the Factory2Fit solutions designed to empower and engage workers and the work community.