Factory2Fit at APMS 2019

APMS is under way again! This year, Factory2Fit is represented at the Advances in Production Management Systems Conference by Coordinator Eija Kaasinen and Chemnitz University of Technology partner Ralph Riedel. The conference runs from September 1st to 5th in Austin, Texas.  

Eija’s presentation ‘Empowering and Engaging Solutions for Operator 4.0: Acceptance and Foreseen Impacts by Factory Workers’ was the first one of a series of presentations in the special session on the Operator 4.0 and the Internet of Things, Services and People.

Based on Factory2Fit’s collaboration with the Finnish Industrial Union, Eija presented results of a survey that studied how factory workers feel about Operator 4.0 solutions. The presentation raised vivid discussion on the presented solutions and their characteristics.

Ralph’s presentation focused on Computer-aided Selection of Participatory Design Methods and was part of the session ‘Variety and Complexity Management in the Era of Industry 4.0’.

The papers from the session The Operator 4.0 – Towards Socially Sustainable Factories of the Future are available here:

 “We are not replacing people… We are using the automation to help them”, says the Operator 4.0 (via David Romero).

Next year’s APMS conference will be held in Novi Sad, Serbia.


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