Factory2fit at Lyon Industrie 2019

Factory2fit partner Visual Components attended the Lyon Industrie 2019 Conference, the major production equipment and technologies exhibition, and presented their latest Factory simulation technologies!

From the 5th to the 8th March 2019, the Factory2Fit partner Visual Components presented at the Eurexpo Exhibition Centre in Lyon. Their presentation focused on the Virtual Factory Simulation tools they have been developing, and included a live demo!

Factory2fit will be using these simulations for a variety of purposes, such as collaborative approaches to optimizing factory design. This allows people from a variety of backgrounds to have a say in the factory layout, and ensure that the expertise of everyone from Machine Operators to Mechanical Engineers is included. This also allows for the rapid evaluation of these designs before they are built, which can hugely reduce the overall setup costs.

The Virtual Factory solution also allows us to develop Virtual Reality Training solutions. These training courses allow employees to train in the relevant industrial environment before ever setting foot in the factory. This will massively reduce the learning curve once they are in the physical location, and will therefore massively increase the initial production in new work processes and hugely reduce the errors on new production lines.

For more information on our Virtual Factory tools click here!