Factory2Fit at TEAP 2019 (Annual Meeting of Experimental Psychologists)

Factory2Fit partners Technische Universitat Chemnitz (TUC) have presented Factory2Fit research on wearable devices at the annual TEAP 2019 conference in London!

The TEAP Conference (Tagung Experimentell Arbeitender Psychologen) is a yearly research conference for scientists working in the field of experimental psychology. Hosted this year by the Metropolitan university of London, this conference explores the research and methodologies of cognitive, developmental, biological, social, educational, and clinical psychology. Since 1959, TEAP has been held at a different university every year, with most attendees coming from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. This year, for the first time, the conference is being held in the UK at the Holloway Campus of the London Metropolitan University from the 15th-17th April 2019.

The working language of the conference is English, and the event will include Keynote Speakers from:

  • David Shanks, University College London
    Testing your memory: The many consequences of retrieval on long-term learning and retention 
  • Jutta Mueller, University of Osnabrück
    Ontogenetic and phylogenetic roots of grammar learning 
  • John Duncan, MRC Cognitive and Brain Sciences Unit, University of Cambridge
    Fluid intelligence and cognitive control 

Factory2Fit partner Sebastian Mach (TUC) presented the latest research into notification alerts for wearable devices in an industrial setting. Notifications from wearable devices can come in the form of vibration, audible alerts or visual alerts. This study explored what the optimal combination of these would be for an industrial setting, so that workers can instantly be made aware of any potential issues or or required actions. The study involved 38 participants who were assigned a task assembling blocks. Notifications were subsequently sent using various combinations of alert systems. The reaction times of the participants were then measured and analysed to establish the combination that leads to the quickest reaction. This rapid response time is vital in industrial manufacturing, as important notifications could be highly time sensitive.

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We are also presenting demos of our solutions at the Human-Centred Factories Exhibition in Brussels on the 23rd May!

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