Factory2Fit at Manufacturing Performance Days 2019!

On the 5th – 6th June 2019, Factory2Fit partner VTT attended the Manufacturing Performance Days 2019 event and showcased out Worker Feedback Dashboard!

Manufacturing Performance Days is a major showcase and seminar for manufacturing industries, researchers and technology and service providers worldwide. It brings together internationally recognised practitioners and researchers to discuss industrial best practices and concepts as well as scientific and technological breakthroughs in the field.

VTT, the technical research centre of Finland, attended the event and demonstrated the Worker Feedback Dashboard we have been developing in the Factory2Fit project. Our dashboard provides empowering, personal, data-driven feedback on work well-being and work achievements. The dashboard aims to influence job satisfaction by providing positive and encouraging feedback. This data-driven feedback highlights personal achievements during the work day and visually demonstrates competence development over time. It allows workers to keep track of their work performance and personal well-being indicators for each work shift, as well as highlighting personal improvements in their work performance. Currently, the dashboard combines operational data from the automation line, and well-being information from Fitbit wristbands worn by workers.

Access to this personal well-being and work performance data is limited to the relevant worker, as the metrics are designed for personal development rather than peer-to-peer comparison or usage by employers. For each work shift, the Dashboard automatically generates various graphs and charts that include information about workers’ task performance, heart rate, the number of steps taken, and the quality of sleep during leisure time.

To learn more about the Worker Feedback Dashboard click here!

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