Factory2Fit Newsletter #2

Dear reader,

Welcome to the latest issue of our biannual Factory2Fit newsletter.

As summer turns into autumn, Factory2Fit soon enters its third and final year, and preparation for the upcoming project pilots is in full swing.

In this issue of the newsletter, we focus on some of this year’s highlights and events. We outline recent developments in the cooperation between project partners and the External Advisory Board on the one hand, and Factory2Fit and the other H2020 Factories of the Future projects on the other. We also take a step back and hear some interesting details about the status, plans and future expectations expressed at year one.      

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Wishing you a wonderful start to the autumn season!

The Factory2Fit team 

Looking back at year one - interview with Factory2Fit Coordinator Dr Eija Kaasinen (VTT) in October 2017. 

Looking back at year one - interview with Factory2Fit partner Christoph Maier (Continental) in October 2017. 
Regular face-to-face consortium meetings offer the project team the opportunity to meet, present their recent work, exchange ideas and thoughts, brainstorm and come up with new angles and perspectives.

We have had six successful face-to-face consortium meetings to-date. This year, our first project meeting was hosted by Prima Power in Kauhava, Finland in February. Read more about the meeting here:

The project had a successful mid-term review meeting in Brussels in early June, where partners received very valuable feedback from the Project Officer and the External Reviewer. 

We are looking forward to the next plenary meeting that will be hosted by CERTH in Thessaloniki, Greece on 26-27 September.
Factory2Fit consortium meeting in Kauhava, Finland 7-8 February 2018:
Factory2Fit mid-term review meeting in Brussels, Belgium 6 June 2018:
Factory2Fit partners have participated in a broad range of events this year, including international conferences, trade fairs and workshops.

In spring 2018, Factory2Fit was introduced to interested audiences at events such as:
This summer, project partners have represented Factory2Fit at events including:
We have joined forces and are working closely with the other four H2020 Factories of the Future projects funded under the same topic: Continuous adaptation of work environments with changing levels of automation in evolving production systems. Together with A4BLUE, HuMan, INCLUSIVE and MANUWORK, Factory2Fit has formed the ACE Factories cluster.

The cluster chose the name ACE Factories to represent the project group as it stands for humAn CEntred Factories, the core focus of all five projects. ACE Factories serves as a fruitful forum for sharing project knowledge, progress, and results as they become available. What all five projects have in common is the placement of the worker at the heart of all processes and the development of solutions for manufacturing work environments that adapt to each individual worker. Through synergies and combined efforts, ACE Factories hope to achieve greater impact and wider adoption of these new solutions in advanced manufacturing systems.

To-date, we have published a joint press release in March 2018 and a joint newsletter in August 2018. Factory2Fit coordinator Dr. Eija Kaasinen also delivered a joint ACE Factories cluster presentation at EFFRA’s Factories of the Future Community Day in Brussels in June 2018.   

So far, the active cooperation has been dissemination-centred, but the aim is to extend the collaborative relationship to cover research aspects of the projects as well.  

We organise regular online meetings and are looking forward to meeting again in September to plan interesting collaboration activities for the final year of the projects. More information is available on the ACE Factories cluster website.  
Find out more about the other projects by clicking on their logos.

The Factory2Fit piloting started with our Worker Feedback Dashboard application being tested by manufacturing workers at Stera Oy in Forssa, Finland in spring 2018.

In the pilot, the app was integrated into the highly automated Prima Power sheet metal working lines. Personal wellbeing data was collected using the Fitbit activity tracker worn by the workers. The app gave workers positive feedback on their personal wellbeing at work and on their work performance.

The initial feedback from the workers participating in the 8-week pilot has been positive, and detailed results will be available once the evaluation and assessment has been completed.  

Piloting will kick off fully with all three Factory2Fit industrial pilot partners this autumn. Stay tuned for updates on the status and results.

Read more about our first pilot here:
Close collaboration continues with the members of our External Advisory Board who bring expertise from a broad range of fields to complement our own consortium expertise. The latest online meeting between the advisory board and Factory2Fit partners was held in May 2018. The advisory board was briefed on the status and next steps of the project, and particular focus was given to the upcoming Factory2Fit pilots. The partners in charge of the pilots presented the plans and the advisory board members provided valuable insights based on their own experience.

The partners and advisory board members will discuss and share ideas and best practices again at the next online meeting this autumn.
A number of automation engineering students from Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences in Finland collaborate with Factory2Fit by participating in the development of effective training solutions for the project.
The students contribute to the creation of Factory2Fit’s interactive web-based pre-training manuals on system use and safety in a 3D simulation environment using Visual Components' software. A group of students presented their work to Factory2Fit partners at the project's plenary meeting in Kauhava in February.
The cooperative relationship is mutually beneficial as the students gain knowledge and experience needed in the marketplace and Factory2Fit benefits from the students’ fresh perspectives, smart suggestions for development and innovative solutions to complex issues.

IoTsm 2018
International Conference on Industrial Internet of Things and Smart Manufacturing
5-6 September 2018
London, United Kingdom

51. DGPs-Kongress
The 51st Congress of the German Psychological Society (DGPs)
15-20 September 2018
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Factory2Fit Consortium meeting
Project plenary hosted by CERTH
26-27 September 2018
Thessaloniki, Greece
IHSED 2018
1st International Conference on Human Systems Engineering and Design
25-27 October 2018
Reims, France

NordiCHI 2018
The 10th NordiCHI Conference
1-3 October 2018
Oslo, Norway

International Technology Conference
10-11 October 2018
Tampere, Finland

sps ipc drives 2018
Smarte und Digitale Automation

27-29 November 2018
Nuremburg, Germany

Smarte Produktion und digitale Vernetzung
29 November 2018
Chemnitz, Germany

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 723277.