Factory2fit Newsletter – February 2019

Factory2fit partners have published the 3rd Factory2fit Newsletter!

At the end of February 2019, our subscribers received all the latest project news in the latest Factory2fit Newsletter! In it we explored the upcoming project work, as well as sneak peaks of the highly anticipated project videos!

Our Industrial Partners have now begun pilot testing at various sites across Europe, and will continue to do so for the next few months. Prima Power has been testing our Knowledge Sharing and Worker Feedback Dashboard solutions at some of their client sites with the aim of improving worker engagement and empowerment. Similarly, UTRC has been working on implementing the Decision Support System at their pilot test site. This solution gives workers a choice in the type of work tasks they wish to focus on, allowing them to decide if they would prefer to complete tasks they are already skilled at or to develop their skills in unfamiliar tasks.

Our newsletter also explores details about the numerous conferences we have attended and the publications we have produced! These include our attendance at the EU Industry Days event, where we presented the Virtual Factory and On-site Training tools we have been developing, and the Teollisuusliiton tutkijatapaaminen event in Finland, where we conducted interviews and workshops with over 100 Industrial Union representatives to gather feedback on the perceived impacts of our solutions.

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