Factory2Fit Solutions are being Piloted at UTC’s HVAC-Culoz Factory in France!

Factory2Fit is in the process of piloting a number of solutions with it’s three industrial partners. UTRC is conducting 4 of these pilots at the HVAC-Culoz Factory!

The United Technologies Research Centre (UTRC) is a branch of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), a multi-billion dollar company with annual revenues in excess of 50 billion dollars. As part of the Factory2Fit consortium, UTRC organised the piloting of 4 innovative solutions at the UTC Climate, Controls & Security factory in Culoz (HVAC-Culoz).

  1. The On-site Training Solution will be used by assembly workers to retrieve any expert knowledge on a particular problem they might experience during an assembly. As a manufacturing site producing highly customized air handling units, the first priority of HVAC-Culoz is making the expert workers knowledge available to all factory workers anytime and anywhere they need.
  2. The Decision Support System will be used to sequence assembly activities and match them to the preferences, competences and availability of workers. By assigning manufacturing activities to the most suitable workers, as well as guiding them while performing specific jobs, our solutions aim to improve both worker satisfaction and manufacturing lead time within HVAC-Culoz.
  3. The Social Media Platform will be used by all factory stakeholders to monitor the activities on the shop floor in real-time. This real-time communication between different work centres regarding the status of ongoing manufacturing orders provides additional knowledge and resources while facilitating a more robust manufacturing flow.
  4. The Augmented-Reality Supported Instruction tools will be used by assembly workers to guide them through their tasks. The solution provides a real-time AR technical drawing, which is superimposed on the physical assembly task to show workers the next steps in their assignment.

The Factory2Fit solutions described above are being hosted in UTRC-Ireland premises and made available online to all stakeholders in HVAC-Culoz.  The final modifications and fine-tuning of these solutions have taken place and the relevant stakeholders in HVAC-Culoz have been trained in using the tools. The piloting of all solutions began in mid-April and we will be observing users’ experiences over the course of the next two months.

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You can also join us in Brussels as we present our research with the 4 other projects of the ACE-Factories Cluster on the 23rd May! There you will be able to see cutting-edge interactive demos of our solutions and speak with our members about the benefits Factory2Fit will be bringing to a factory near you!