Human-Centred Factories Exhibition: Agenda

The full agenda for the Human-Centred Factories Exhibition is now available for download!

On the 23rd of May 2019, the ACE-Factories Cluster will be giving a series of presentations in Brussels at the EFFRA organised event FOF Community Days: Connected Factories. This will run from 10.00 till 13.00 and will explore some of the industrial use cases from our 5 projects. The opening speech will be given by Erastos Filos from the European Commission, and will close with a talk from Anu-Hanna Anttila of the Finnish Industrial Union.

The ACE-Factories Cluster solutions ensure human employees work with new tech to increase work satisfaction and make production a more efficient and dynamic process. By attending the event you will join local and EU policy makers, industrial stakeholders and researchers in witnessing the latest innovations in industrial production management.

The morning session will be followed by a showcase organised by the ACE-Factories Cluster, in which the public is invited to explore 14 demos of our cutting-edge industrial innovations! The five ACE-Factories projects (A4BLUE, Human, ManuWork, Inclusive and Factory2Fit) have developed innovations that cover Optimized Industrial Processes, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality in the Workplace, Enhanced Factory Floor Communication, Robotics and much, much more! The demos we will present are the most advanced and exciting of these innovations. Check out the agendas below to learn more!


Register for FREE at the links below before the tickets run out!

*Note that there are 2 separate registrations for the morning and afternoon sessions, to attend both sessions please complete both registrations*


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