Hydroline uses humour and creativity to improve attractiveness of industrial work

Finnish manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders overwhelmed by number of applications as a result of a recruitment campaign on Facebook

Hydroline is a rapidly growing family-owned hydraulic systems company based in the town of Siilinjärvi in eastern Finland. They are well aware of the need for new solutions to convince people that factories can be appealing and inspiring working environments. Companies across the manufacturing sector struggle to attract skilled workers and thus try to reinvent themselves to improve their image and to demonstrate to workers that a career in manufacturing can be a viable option for them.

As the company is experiencing rapid expansion, it needs to recruit good workers. It launched a recruitment campaign on Facebook and had no idea about how successful it would be. Hydroline’s series of short and humorous video clips have been promoted and hyped across Facebook in recent months. The sketches feature ‘Hydro-Pena’, a comical, relaxed and relatable character in search of new workers. The videos exude an air of laid-backness and portray the company as a positive, feel-good workplace. The campaign has mobilised jobseekers who would not have been reached through traditional channels. As a result, the company has received hundreds of applications and gained plenty of visibility across Finnish media.

Smart manufacturing requires smart people, which in turn requires smart recruitment campaigns.

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