The Worker Feedback Dashboard is Being Piloted with Factory Operators at PRP and Elekmerk

Factory2Fit partners VTT and Prima Power have been collaborating with the Finnish manufacturing companies PRP and Elekmerk!

These two manufacturing companies are both Prima Power clients and use their machinery in some of their production processes. They are currently piloting our Worker Feedback Dashboard, following the improvements made after the first pilot at the Stera factory in Forssa, Finland. There are seven workers operating the Prima Power multipurpose machine who are currently using the Dashboard as part of their daily work at the two factories. The pilot at PRP started on the 11th February, while the pilot at Elekmerk started on the 18th March. These are the final Worker Feedback Dashboard pilots, and are planned to continue until early May. Following the piloting periods, the operators will be interviewed about their experiences with the Dashboard to understand the potential benefits and concerns related to the concept and to identify further improvement ideas.

The Factory2Fit Worker Feedback Dashboard solution provides personal feedback to factory workers regarding their well-being and work performance. The aim is to improve job satisfaction and increase self-awareness about the relationship between work and well-being.  The Dashboard aims to influence job satisfaction by providing positive and encouraging feedback. This data-driven feedback highlights personal achievements during the work day and visually demonstrates the development of one’s work competence. It allows workers to keep track of their work performance and personal well-being indicators for each work shift, as well as highlighting personal improvements in their work performance. Currently, the Dashboard combines operational data from the automation line, and well-being information from Fitbit wristbands worn by workers.

Access to this personal well-being and work performance data is limited to the relevant worker, as the metrics are designed for personal development rather than peer-to-peer comparison or usage by employers. For each work shift, the Dashboard automatically generates various graphs and charts that include information about workers’ task performance, heart rate, the number of steps taken, and the quality of sleep at leisure time. The graphs allow the comparison of present data with past figures, to show the extent of any improvement across time and how the various factors influence each other during work shifts.

The workers can use the Dashboard to analyse how they coped with disturbances in the production process. This supports the operators in reflecting whether they could do something differently in the future, and assists them to understand their strengths and development needs at work. In the long term, the application may help employees to find their personal style and a way of working that suits them the best.

During the initial piloting at Stera, the Worker Feedback Dashboard worked technically well, so only minor improvements were needed for the current pilots. Operators from the Elekmerk and PRP factories will use the Worker Feedback Dashboard as a part of their daily life, both at at work, and also during their leisure time if they wish (e.g. commuting, lunch and coffee breaks).

The kick-off meeting for the final pilot took place at Elekmerk on the 8th of March in Keuruu, Finland. Anita Honka and Päivi Heikkilä from VTT were present at the meeting, and were warmly welcomed by the management Jukka Kotamäki, the Factory Manager; Iiro Kaartinen, the Production Manager; and Liisa Kotanen, the HR Coordinator. During the meeting, everyone was briefed about the purpose and details of the study and instructed on how to take the Dashboard solution into use.

The PRP pilot has been running for a few months now, allowing operators to get used to the dashboard. “Our experiences of using the Worker Feedback Dashboard have been positive. The operators have noticed how sleep influences their attention at work. After a night with poor sleep it takes slightly longer to solve machine failure states and get the production up and running again. In addition, it has been interesting to observe how the step-count increases and heart rate elevates while changing the settings for the production machine. In the future, step count could be considered as an indicator for effective ways of working. All in all, the piloting of the Dashboard has been an interesting and eye-opening experience for PRP.” says Juha Ylivinkka, Development Manager at PRP.

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