VTT at the Finnish Industrial Union Event

Factory2fit partners from VTT were invited to attend the Finnish Industrial Union event in Tampere on the 4th December 2018!

At the event, VTT partners presented 3 workshops on the Worker Feedback Dashboard, the Knowledge Sharing Tools, and the Participatory Design framework for Virtual Factories. These innovations are central to the Factory2Fit project and our goal of developing human centred innovations for industry within the EU.




The event was held in the Murikka-Opisto Institute in Tampere, Finland and included over 130 Industrial Union Representatives from factories all across Finland. These representatives were split into groups of 15 and introduced to the Factory2Fit solutions throughout the day. These workshops allowed us to see how well industrial workers understood the solutions and the extent to which they found them useful in an operational context.


Of the solutions, The Worker Feedback Dashboard is the most developed as it has already undergone a round of pilot testing in one of Prima Power’s factories. For more information on this pilot test click here.

The piloting of the other solutions is expected to begin early 2019 in the factories and client-sites of our 3 industrial partners, Continental, UTC and Prima Power.


To find out what the Union Representatives thought of our Factory2Fit solutions follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter where we will shortly be posting video interviews from the event!