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ACE Cluster Technical Collaboration Webinars

We have joined forces and are working closely with the other four H2020 Factories of the Future projects funded under the same topic: Continuous adaptation of work environments with changing levels of automation in evolving production systems. Together with InclusiveHuManManuWork and A4BLUE, Factory2Fit forms the ACE Factories cluster.

The ACE Factories Cluster has been collaborating actively through a variety of knowledge sharing activities including Technical Collaboration Webinars. The webinars have served as a useful forum for finding synergies, discussing the work on our projects’ solutions and sharing best practices and experiences and lessons learnt from them. These technical knowledge sharing webinars allow us to assess and compare the strengths and weaknesses of our various approaches to developing worker-centred factory solutions. Read more


Human-Centred Factories Exhibition: Morning Presentations

On the 23rd May 2019, Factory2Fit and the ACE-Factories Cluster were in Brussels for the Human-Centred Factories Exhibition!

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The first ACE Factories newsletter is out

The first issue of the ACE Factories cluster newsletter has been published. You can read the newsletter here and subscribe to it to receive it straight to your inbox:  Read more


Joint Press Release with FoF-4 Projects

Press release


European Projects Put Workers at the Centre of Future Manufacturing

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