TUC at VPP 2018 Conference

The Technical University of Chemnitz (TUC) hosted a major conference on Digital Networking and Smart Production on the 29th November 2018 and published their latest paper on Factory2Fit solutions.

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Factory2Fit and the Finnish National Agency for Education discuss the future of industrial work

Factory2Fit Coordinator Eija Kaasinen (VTT) met with the Processing and Manufacturing Industry Foresight Group of the Finnish National Agency for Education at Aalto University School of Chemical Technology today. Read more


VTT at the Finnish Industrial Union’s event for researchers

Factory2Fit partners Päivi Heikkilä and Timo Kuula from VTT attended a researchers’ event hosted by the Finnish Industrial Union in Helsinki on 12th December 2017. Read more


Hydroline uses humour and creativity to improve attractiveness of industrial work

Finnish manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders overwhelmed by number of applications as a result of a recruitment campaign on Facebook

Hydroline is a rapidly growing family-owned hydraulic systems company based in the town of Siilinjärvi in eastern Finland. They are well aware of the need for new solutions to convince people that factories can be appealing and inspiring working environments. Companies across the manufacturing sector struggle to attract skilled workers and thus try to reinvent themselves to improve their image and to demonstrate to workers that a career in manufacturing can be a viable option for them. Read more